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Vote Blue to Go 4×4

A Tory councillor in neighbouring Wigston has been snapped parked on the zig-zag lines outside a local school in the morning rush-hour.

Alan Cocksedge, Borough councillor for Wigston St. Wolstan’s ward was in his 4×4 Range Rover with a personalised number plate. It was this plate that allowed a parent to spot that it was him.

Do new Tory values include breaking traffic laws, endangering children and further adding to climate change with their Chelsea Tractors?

Add this to a recent report in the Sunday Times that another Tory Councillor (this time in Lincolnshire) has switched to the BNP and we begin to see that the Conservatives still have a very long way to go to show that they have embraced key Liberal values such a tolerance, inclusion, internationalism and environmentalism.

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