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1, 2, 3 ?

I’m still undecided on who will get my first and second preferences. It won’t be Simon Hughes though. He has a clear style of presentation but was our candidate in a poorly run London Mayoral campaign and has made some odd pronouncements during his term as party President. If he wins he will need to ensure that his leadership of the party is both organised and focussed. A trite point, but I don’t approve of the Flash on his campaign web site. Awful for search engine optimisation and basic browsing.

So Ming or Chris? Menzies Campbell has the experience and steady hand that the party needs at this time. We are beginning to see glimpses of the authority that he brought to his role as Shadow Foreign Secretary but this is not yet consistent enough in the leadership context. Today’s PMQ was worthy but rather safe and disappointing.

Chris Huhne has a more distinctive policy line and performs well in a question and answer/ panel style environment. I need to be convinced of his speech making and just need see more of him as until 2 weeks ago I knew very little about him. Any worries about his majority in Eastleigh are alleviated by the committment to his constituency that he has demonstrated since his election last May.

I think I will make my decision based on the hustings that I am off to and media performances over the coming weeks.

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