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A Festive Legacy

At Christmas we generate more waste than at any time of the year. But the availability of local recycling and composting schemes mean that we can do much better.

Where I live I can recycle or safely dispose of the following:

  • kerbside collection: Card, tins, cans, paper and some plastics (Types 1, 2 & 3 also known as PET, HDPE & PVC)
  • Glass in bottle banks
  • Civic Tip: Clean aluminium foil/takeway containers, used batteries, garden clippings, wood
  • Home compostiong/kerbside collection: garden clippings, old tea bags, uncooked vegetables & fruit and peelings

There simply is no excuse for throwing everything into a landfill. The irony is that we are damaging our legacy to the very children who enjoy Christmas so much.

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