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Register to vote online and save tax payers’ money

Edited Register FlyerResidents in Oadby and Wigston are receiving their Annual Voter Registration Canvass Form through the post. Our local electoral registration department are offering no fewer than 4 ways to register: by phone, text, internet and post.

If you want to opt out of the Edited Register and there is no pre-printed tick in Edited Register (For Sale) column on the form, you can only use the internet and post to indicate this when you register to vote.

The “Edited Register” is available for sale and can be purchased by anyone. This is different from the “Full Register” the use of which is strictly controlled for elections, credit reference agencies and the law.

Annual Canvass FormWith the post becoming more expensive every year, the most cost-effective way to register is to use the internet. Not only is it convenient, it will help Oadby and Wigston Borough Council keep council tax rates down.

Note: you can save having to opt out of the Edited Register every year by downloading a Permanent Opt Out Form from the council’s web site.

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