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“A Straight Choice” in Dunfermline

According to the Dunfermline and West Fife Lib Dems’ web site, the “by-election will be a straight choice between Tony Blair’s representative and Willie Rennie.”

Nick Assinder says that a leaflet with the same phrase is also being distributed by the Lib Dem by-election campaign. Lib Dems claim it is an innocent coincidence.

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7 Responses to ““A Straight Choice” in Dunfermline”

  • Liberal Neil says:

    Well it is a straight choice between Willie Rennie and Blair’s candidate.

    What’s the problem with saying so.

    It would be a bit queer if we stopped using perfectly normal english just because some bbc journalist is ignorant.

  • Ian Ridley says:

    As I pointed our in an earlier blog today, it is just a standard squeeze message. But for some reason it brought a wry smile to my face. And it would be very…er.. odd if we stopped using it.

  • cymrumark says:

    Enjoyed the “Hustings” report were there many people there? It seems a strange choice of venue…

    As the Lib dems are reprising the “Straight choice” leaflet will the “only candidate from a stable family background” also make a come back…….

  • cymrumark says:

    Do you think the Firth Bridge road tolls will have an impact on the campaign? The tolls are only happening because Lib dem councillors on the Transport authority voted for them. Is this having an impact?

  • Ian Ridley says:

    The hustings were organised completely by Ashfield local party and this was the best venue available at such short notice. There were chairs for 200 out and I thinks these were all taken. I was at the front so couldn’t see the whole hall but I think there were people standing at the back.

    Also many people knew in advance that Ming couldn’t make it. That, lack of city-based locations and the “unofficial” tag should have depressed the numbers but clearly did not.

    BTW Plymouth was actually 450 to 500. More sloppy journos. They only counted conference attendees (150-200).

    When was the “stable family background” used? Please don’t say Oaten

  • cymrumark says:

    The stable family background leaflet was used in the Brecon and Radnor by-election in 1985. After the offending leaflet had been delivered it was “withdrawn” and the candidate apologised.

    I have been quoting it recently because lots of Lib dem bloggers have been whining that the Lib/Alliance campaign in Bermondsey was not homophobic and its only the horrid Labour party making a noise etc.

    Some lib dems were quoting the “straight choice” leaflet from Brecon whilst forgetting about the “stable family background” leaflet …..

    I see Willie Rennie is campaigning against road tolls despite Lib dem councillors voting in favour…..

  • Ian Ridley says:

    Re: Brecon and Radnor. Was that an indirect attack on another candidate. If so which?

    Forth Bridge Tolls – That’s the first I’ve heard about it. What are the details?

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