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“A Straight Choice” in Dunfermline

According to the Dunfermline and West Fife Lib Dems’ web site, the “by-election will be a straight choice between Tony Blair’s representative and Willie Rennie.”

Nick Assinder says that a leaflet with the same phrase is also being distributed by the Lib Dem by-election campaign. Lib Dems claim it is an innocent coincidence.

3 Responses to ““A Straight Choice” in Dunfermline”

  • Liberal Neil says:

    Well it is a straight choice between Willie Rennie and Blair’s candidate.

    What’s the problem with saying so.

    It would be a bit queer if we stopped using perfectly normal english just because some bbc journalist is ignorant.

  • Ian Ridley says:

    As I pointed our in an earlier blog today, it is just a standard squeeze message. But for some reason it brought a wry smile to my face. And it would be very…er.. odd if we stopped using it.

  • cymrumark says:

    Enjoyed the “Hustings” report were there many people there? It seems a strange choice of venue…

    As the Lib dems are reprising the “Straight choice” leaflet will the “only candidate from a stable family background” also make a come back…….

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