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Did you get any Olympics tickets?

Screenshot of generic Twitter Account Suspension pageHow did you do in the Olympics tickets lottery? Did you get all that you applied for, some or none?

An online survey is being used to gather data on who has  tickets to see if the distribution was even-handed. Initial results seemed to indicate that you had to apply for around £1500 worth of tickets to have a chance of getting any. However, I have no information on the survey stats behind this figure.

The survey is being publicised via the Twitter Account @ticketingfiasco. On Thursday both this and one other twitter account criticising the London 2012 Olympic ticket lottery were suspended. The suspension was lifted on Friday.

I don’t know if the suspension was linked to the content of the tweets on the accounts. If is was then there is some irony that Twitter is relaxed about being a medium to break super injunctions but woe betide you if you try and do some research into the mysteries of Olympic ticketing.

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